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  • 2021.02.14

    iOS version 4.1.5 has been released

  • 2021.01.31

    iOS version 4.1.4 has been released

  • 2021.01.04

    iOS version 4.1.3 has been released

  • 2020.12.15

    iOS version 4.1.2 has been released

  • 2020.10.21

    Langmate was featured on the famous Japanese TV show “The World Unknown To Matsuko”.

Langmate is an app that connects foreigners with Japanese people.

You can use this app to learn languages and socialize with people in Japan. This app connects foreigners who want to become friends with Japanese people. It also matches Japanese people who want to learn a foreign language or simply just want to become friends with foreigners.

Langmate will make your wish fulfilled.

Lagmate is an app that connects foreigners with Japanese people.
Do you want to be friends with Japanese people?
Do you want to learn Japanese?
Langmate will make your wish fulfilled.
Please become more fond of Japan!

200,000 Japanese people use Langmate.

Langmate is used by Japanese students, working adult and others. Salespeople, teachers, engineers, housewives, presidents, hairdressers, sports instructors, musicians, fighters, drivers, fashion designers, cooks, models ...
Various people use langmate.

Surprisingly simple operations

Find people you want to chat with! Send “Like” to users that interest you. If you get a “Like” back, you are ready to start chatting. Yeah, just like that.

90% of users have matched in 1 hour.

Japanese wants to talk with you!

What kind of conversation?

Japanese bands, fashion, manga, movies, food, history and culture etc. Topics do not run out.

Safety and security

Start by logging in via each SNS such as Facebook & Instagram! You do not see that you are using Langmate on the timeline of each SNS such as Facebook and Instagram. Langmate does not display friends of each SNS such as Facebook and Instagram.

USERS' VOICE Reviews from users

  • I became friends with Japanese soon!
  • This is a revolution!
  • I thought the Japanese were shy, but they talk a lot.
  • Exciting experience.
  • I went to Japan because I made friends at Langmate
  • I'm so glad to have met you.Thank you Langmate!
  • Arigato~.Love it!
  • I made friends who can talk about ANIME!
  • This app has triggered the futsal team.

We are waiting for the reviews of all the users

We have repeatedly upgraded more than 120 times.
Your review will make the future of Langmate.



Start by logging in via each SNS such as Facebook & Instagram!

You do not see that you are using Langmate on the timeline of each SNS such as Facebook and Instagram. Langmate does not display friends of each SNS such as Facebook and Instagram.


VIP Membership

・1 week plan Free chat + Bonus Coins
・1 month plan Free chat + Bonus Coins
・3 month plan Free chat + Bonus Coins
・1year plan Free chat + Bonus Coins

※Automatic billing will continue until you cancel all your plans.

※※※※※※For customers who are using from previous version .※※※※※※※
※The price of the new version will not apply if automatic continued billing is done.
The same amount as the old Langmate time is applied.

  • Payment after purchase will be charged to your iTunes account.
  • Automatic billing will be charged automatically within 24 hours when the period expires.
  • Continuous charging will automatically be renewed unless automatic charging is turned off 24 hours or more before the period expires.
  • Automatic continuous billing can be managed by yourself. after purchase, go to the setting screen in the following order:
    [Setting] - [iTunes Store&app store] - [Apple ID] -> Show Apple ID and turn off automatic continuation.
  • Cancellation of paid members will happen after the contract term is over.
  • After you unsubscribe, all your information, including qualifications, and purchases, will be deleted.


How can I get rating star?

If you chat with lots of chat users, you’ll see a pop-up rating rating for chat users. Chat users will also see the same pop-ups and mutually evaluate.

I want to unsubscribe..
When updating to the NEW version, you can delete from it.
Tap the gear on the top right of the profile screen.
When you tap delete you can delete your acount
When updating from old Langmate to new Langmate, the chat history has disappeared.

As we announced beforehand in the application, chat history will not be continued for the new version for server migration. Match history will continue so please enjoy new chat.

What does matching service mean?

It is a service that allows you to enjoy chatting with people with common interests.

Does my SNS timeline show my actions in the app?

No. It also does not show that you are using the app.

Do we have to pay any fees?

Langmate is free to register, match and chat.
You can enjoy various functions such as search, match, chat, etc. with the coins granted at the first login.
You can get coins by viewing video ads or purchase them.

How do you start the matching process?

①If you find a person that interests you swipe “Like” to the right and click the heart.
②The user you liked will receive a notification.
③If you get a “Like” back, then you are matched.

Can’t seem to find a match...

There are three ways to increase your chances.
1.Change your profile picture. People expect to see your face so we think it is better for you to put up a photo of you instead of a photo of a dog or a child. You can change it by changing your Facebook profile picture.
2.Complete your profile, so that users would know more about you.
Writing a simple “Hello” will make it difficult for people to know about you. You should try to write about your profession, interests or hobbies. By letting people know who you are, your chances of finding a match will be higher.
3.Think about your first message. You should be clear about the purpose of your request. You should write, for example, “I want to learn English, is it ok to chat?” or just a simple introduction will do the trick.

If the matching was a success, what should I do next?

Just start chatting! Use the chatroom to start interesting conversations. Start by introducing yourself and then talk about your interests.

Is this app for learning English only?

No. LANGMATE’s objective is for people to socialize and become good friends. Anybody can talk to any user via this app regardless of his or her nationality.

Can I block the other user?

Yes, you can. The whole purpose of this app is to have fun! If you feel like this isn’t for you, you can easily block the users on the other end.

If I change my phone, can I still use the same account?

As long as you have a Facebook&Instagram account, you will be able to use the same account on any device.

What happens if I delete this app and reinstall it?

You will be able to use the same account.

If I face any trouble, what should I do?

Please check CONTACT.

Many Japanese people are looking forward to meeting you!
Welcome to Langmate!


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  • Android

We look forward to your feedback and comments.