① Your coins balance

Your coin balance is displayed.
Use 2 coins per swipe.

② Filter setting

You can filter people you are interested in. You can filter by clicking on the top right button .
You can set gender, nationality and age.

③ Rating

Users can rate each other.
By chatting a certain number of conversations you can rate your opponent.

④ Click on X if you are not interested

If you are not interested in the displayed user, please click X or swipe left .
I use 2 coins per swipe.
Use 2 coins per swipe.

⑤ Send a message before matching to the person you are interested in.

Langmate can start chatting when they match each other.
However, if you are very concerned you can send a message from here.
If you press the button of ④, you can send the message to the user before the match.
Let’s create a message that you can interested in and send it.
Match rate should rise much.
We use 5 coins per message.

⑥ Click on the heart if you are interested

If you are not interested in the displayed user, please click Heart click or Swipe right . You will be informed to others that you liked it.
If the other person likes it, the match is established and you can start chatting.
Use 2 coins per swipe.

⑦ Boost and increase match rate

By using BOOST, your information will be displayed to users preferentially with a match at only 60 minutes.
It costs 600 yen per boost.

⑧ Become a VIP

VIP has various benefits not available to free users.
Free chat and coin privileges are available.

⑨ Get free coins

Many features of Langmate require coins.
You can get free coins by watching video advertisement (15 – 30 seconds).

⑩ I am on a match page

The button below will be the move button to each page.


  • iOS
  • Android

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