① Your friend list

If you send a heart to each other, your match will be established.

② New matched friend list

A new matched friend will be displayed for a certain period of time.
After that, it is filtered by country according to user’s location.

③ Start chat

If you tap the blue button you can start chatting now.
After this, you can check the conversation with the other party from the chat page.

④ Delete Friend

By taping this button you can delete it from the Friends list.
After deleting it can not be restored, please check and tap.

⑤ Friend list

It is a friend list filtered by country according to the location.
Sometimes there are users who are saying something different from the actual
Please check this country at that time.

⑥ I am on my friend /chat page

The button below will be the move button to each page.


  • iOS
  • Android

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