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Enacted and enforced July 28, 2017

Langmate inc.
CEO Dai Kuwabara

Langmate inc. (“we ” or “us” ) will endeavor to protect your personal information and endeavor to properly manage, use and protect important personal information.
Regarding the handling of personal information about customers in our service Langmate, we will establish Langmate’s privacy policy based on our personal information protection policy as follows.

Definition of personal information

In the privacy policy, personal information is information about surviving individuals (name, date of birth, information that can identify other specific individuals), e-mail address used in connection with a specific individual, user ID , Passwords, credit cards, other symbols, etc. that can be identified by specific individuals. Even those persons that can not be identified from the information alone can include information that can be identified by an individual by matching with other information.

Non-personal information

Non-personal information is information that can not identify individual users, such as the type of browser, IP address, the URL of the website you visited before being moved to this site. We may collect certain non-personal information automatically when you use Langmate.

SNS information

Langmate automatically collects personal information from the user's SNS account when the user registers or connects to Langmate. The personal information to be collected includes the user name, name, gender, age, mail address, profile picture of SNS, other information released by the user (date of birth, place of residence, blood type, hobby / interest, friend information And so on. Once you register your profile information in Langmate, you can use Langmate from other devices in the future.
In addition to the personal information automatically collected from the SNS account, only the information that the user requested to retrieve from the SNS profile is reflected in the user's Langmate profile. Users can edit profile information at any time on the Langmate setting screen.


We may use cookies to provide better service to users, but this does not collect information that can identify individuals. Also, if you do not wish to accept cookies, you can change them with browser settings. However, disabling cookies may disable some features of Langmate.


Users are automatically generated when using Langmate, and IP address, browser type, browser language, etc. are saved. We analyze the user environment, use these information for the better service provision, and to prevent fraudulent acts interfering with normal service provision.

Purpose of using personal information

We do not obtain the consent of the user in advance and we will not handle personal information beyond the range necessary for attaining purpose of use. When using personal information, we will publicly announce and collect usage purpose beforehand as far as possible within the privacy policy or website of each service. In addition, we will handle personal information according to the published purpose of use. The purpose of using personal information collected by us is as follows.

In order to make it easy for users to use Langmate

  • To create statistical data on Langmate usage
  • Planning and planning of Langmate, for conducting questionnaire and analyzing the service improvement・To respond to inquiries from users
  • To notify information on Langmate, etc. or advertisement information etc. to be an advertiser other than us by e-mail magazine etc.
  • To prepare and provide new plan for future Langmate
  • For lottery of campaign etc. and dispatch of prizes
  • In order to confirm the identity, such as when inquiring from the user
  • Other important notices concerning Langmate, etc. to contact as necessary
  • To confirm user's age
  • For connection with Facebook application
  • To charge usage fee to users of paid services
  • For marketing data survey, statistics, analysis
  • For advertisement or publicity of products etc. of us and third parties (including sending direct mail, sending e-mail, remarketing, retargeting advertisement)
  • Change of purpose for using personal information
  • We may change the purpose of using personal information to the extent reasonably accepted that it has reasonable relevance, and if we change it we will notify or announce to users.

Restriction on use of personal information

We will handle customer's personal information only within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use previously identified and announced in advance. However, we may handle customer's personal information beyond the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use previously identified and publicized.

Safety management of personal information

We believe that the personal information you keep from the user can be protected by unauthorized intrusion of personal information, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage etc. of personal information by taking organizational, physical, human and technical measures We will prevent.

Employee, manager oversight

We clarify internal regulations concerning the handling of personal information and oversee employees to handle personal information appropriately.

About the links

In Langmate, a link to an external site may be stuck. We are not responsible for the handling of personal information on linked website, so we encourage you to read each privacy policy when using each linked site.

Proper acquisition of personal information

We will not acquire personal information properly, falsely or by any other illegal means.

When accessing from overseas

Personal information and communication contents of users accessing from outside Japan are sent and received and stored in servers and databases outside the user's residential area, the country. Users residing outside the Japanese territory will process and store all information in Japan. The law on privacy protection in Japan may be somewhat less protective than the country of the user. By using Langmate, you agree to the fact that Japanese law applies to collection, use, transfer, or disclosure of personal information and communication contents.

Provision of personal information to third parties

In principle, we will not provide personal information you keep from a user to a third party without consent from the user himself. However, to the extent not contrary to the relevant laws and regulations, we may provide personal information of users without your consent.

In the following cases, we are not responsible for obtaining personal information by third parties.
  • The user himself / herself uses the function on Langmate or another means to clarify personal information to other users
  • Activity information, or information that other users have entered on Langmate, in the event that you can identify himself / herself
  • When a user other than the user himself / herself gets information (user ID, password, etc.) that can identify an individual
  • Revised privacy policy

When we change personal information to collect, change the purpose of use, or change other privacy policy, we will make public on the change to this page. The changed privacy policy will take effect from the time the revision date is displayed on the site.

Disclosure of personal information

When we are requested from the user to disclose personal information based on the provision of the Personal Information Protection Law, after confirming that it is a request from the user him / herself, we will notify the user without delay (We will notify you when the relevant personal information does not exist). However, unless we are obliged to disclose by the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations, this is not the case. As for the disclosure of personal information, please understand beforehand that we have received a commission (2000 yen per case).

Correction of personal information, etc.

If we are requested from the user to correct, add or delete its contents based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act due to the fact that the personal information is not true, we request that from the user himself After confirming that there is a need within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use, conduct necessary investigation without delay, correct the contents of personal information based on the result, notify the user to that effect (When we make a decision not to make correction etc., we will notify you to that effect). However, unless we are obliged to make correction etc. by the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations, this is not the case.

Discontinuation of use of personal information, etc.

We will not accept personal information from the user because of the reason that the user's personal information has been handled beyond the scope of the previously published purpose of use or because it was acquired by falsely other illegal means In cases where it is requested to suspend or eliminate its use (hereinafter referred to as "suspension of use, etc.") based on the provisions of the Information Protection Act, if it is found that there is a reason for the request, the user himself / herself We will suspend the use of personal information without delay and notify you to that effect after confirming that it is requested from. However, unless we are obliged to suspend the use, etc. according to the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations, this is not the case.

Terms of Services

For TERMS OF SERVICES please see the following page.

The information desk

For inquiries about requests for disclosure, opinions, questions, complaints and other handling of personal information, please contact the following counter.

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Enacted and enforced July 28, 2017


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