What is Local People?


    Visit the world!

    With Local People, you can change your virtual location and see only local people from around the places you want! Tap the location button, select your destination from the list, and make friends with Local People!
    You can also see all the langmate people around you, based on your own location.
    The list of users is based on your location list setting and your profile filter preferences.

    How to connect with users in Local People

    If you are interested in a profile, you can tap the picture thumbnail (Mini Card), to see the user’s full Card.
    Once you are on a Card, you can send a Friend Request to the user, or pass it X from the list.

    Sending a Friend Request will use credits, at the same conditions as in the Card section.
    Visiting a Card or passing it is free and unlimited.

    How to grant access to your device location

    To be able to see who is around you, you have first to grant access to your device location to the Langmate app.

    The first time you use the app, a popup will ask you to give access to the location services to Langmate.
    If you haven’t granted access to your device location, don’t worry, you can still activate it by going to your device System settings:

    iPhone (iOS)

    Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
    Make sure that Location Services is on.
    Scroll down to find the Langmate app.
    Tap the Langmate icon and on the next screen, select the option: “While Using the App”
    (It will allow access to Location Services only when the app is running)


    On your Android device, open the Settings app.
    Tap Apps & notifications.
    Scroll down to find the Langmate app.
    Tap Permissions.
    Activate the Location.

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