What is PREMIUM?


    To fully enjoy all the features of Langmate, you may need to upgrade to PREMIUM Premium Badge.

    What is included in PREMIUM?

    • Unlimited chats & friends
    See who sent you a Friend Request before you Match or Pass
    Advanced Filters
    Full access to Local People and Virtual Trip
    Unlimited card rewinds
    Video Messages
    Voice Messages
    Hand drawing in the chat
    Share your position in the chat
    • Remove ads
    • Large bonus Smiles packs
    • Up to 2x daily free Smiles.

    How to subscribe to PREMIUM

    To subscribe to a PREMIUM plan, open the Langmate app
    > go on the My Page section
    > tap the My Status icon or go on Settings > My Status and tap the popup button
    > select your plan and follow the steps on screen

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