How to Match with users?


    When 2 users have sent each other a Friend Request

    A Match happens when 2 users sent a Friend Request to each other.
    When you are visiting a user Card and you tap the Friend Request icon or swipe right, you will send a Friend Request to this user. If they already sent you a Friend Request as well, the two of you will match!
    A popup will appear giving you the choice to send a message now or continue to swipe.

    Match with users from the Friend Requests list

    When you receive a Friend Request from someone, go on > Messages section > Friend Requests tab > Friend Requests horizontal list to see all the Friend Requests you received.
    You can check the full profile of users by simply tapping on the profile picture. If you tap the icon or swipe right, the two of you will match!
    A popup will appears giving you the choice to send a message now or continue swiping.

    You may need a Premium subscription to see the profile of the users who sent you a Friend Request.
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    How to get more matches and friends?

    Have a good profile

    To make more friends on Langmate and increase your match rate, you should have a good Langmate profile.
    Here are some essential tips to follow:
      • Set the languages ​​you can speak, and those you want to learn.
      • Display your passions and hobbies by selecting the tags you like.
      • Selecting your nationality and the country you live in makes your profile 7x more likely to be found by other users.
      • Use the “About Me” section to write about yourself, what you like or don’t like, and be honest about who you are.
      • Put your best pictures up! Uploading at least one real photo of your face greatly increases your chances of a match.
    And don’t forget to smile 😉

    To update and preview your profile, go to My Page > My Profile and scroll to the items you want to edit.

    Boost your profile

    Boost is a great way to get yourself noticed. It increases the visibility of your profile by putting it on the top of the list, helping you to get more attention from other users, and more chances to Match!
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