I want to change my device


    Before you move to your new device, be sure you made a fresh backup of your account from your old device.
    To learn how to do a backup, see this article.

    Important: We recommend you to copy your ID information prior to log out from your old device. It will be necessary to know your ID information if you want to contact us in case of problems.
    > go on My Page section
    > tap the Settings icon
    > locate and tap on the My ID section
    > take a screenshot of the pop-up or tap the Copy my info button, and save the copied text in a safe place.

    How to transfer your account to your new device:

    Now that your backup is done, and your ID information is saved, you can proceed to the transfer step.
    > log out from your old device. Follow the steps from this article
    > log in on your new device with the same method you used on your old device. (example, if you used Twitter to create your account on your old device, use the same Twitter account again to log in on your new device). If you are not sure which method you used, please find it on your ID information.
    > proceed to restore your account. Follow the steps from this article

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